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During one of the Sundays during last monsoon I had wandered in the backyard to find subjects to click. I had clicked many shots of one beetle and many shots of this caterpillar.

However, this shot was the best of all caterpillar shots. But this one has one problem, as you have noticed that one thin grass blade obstructed and made this image little less than perfect. So I avoided to upload anywhere.

However, after learning experience on TL, I tried PhotoFiltre to do PP work.

I used Polygon tool to select closely around the insect and inverted the selection and converted the rest of background in grayscale.

However, it took bit of time to turn grayscale at macro level near the insect. (some goof up happened here)

Further there was some overexposed parts on the insect. Again Magic Wand Tool of PhotoFiltre allowed to select those region and reduced Gamma by -2. Finally sharpened image by 1+

Here is the comparison of image-before-and-after PP work