Gujarat Case Flow Management Rules for Subordinate Courts

The Gujarat High Court Case Flow Management (Subordinate Courts) Rules,2016 has been introduced with intent to curb the infamous delay in litigation. These rules are applicable to all civil, criminal and labour courts.

The rules provide for categorization of all cases in four tracks (i.e. Track I to Track IV) with prescribed time period allowed for cases in for respective tracks (i.e. for Track I, 9 months ;for Track IV, 24 months).

The rules provide various small and subtle new procedures which may help to restrict litgants in making delays and allow the courts to have better control in administration of filing and listing of cases.

Most importantly the rules provide fixed time period for each type of cases and the sub-ordinate courts are meant to complete cases in the given time frame and when delay is being caused, sufficient reasons are to be recorded for such delay.

One of the effective rule appears to be of awarding of cost. The rule on cost provides that awarding of cost must be generally treated as mandatory and costs should invariably follow the event and special reasons must be assigned if cost is not being awarded.

However, this is not first time when an effort is made to expedite the procedures , but previous efforts were not effective because many reasons and lack of infrastructures and staff are the main reasons for the delays. These reasons still remain as the hindrance for the proper execution of another effort for speedy trial.

It’s not a joke :

What’s the difference between a good lawyer and a bad lawyer?

A bad lawyer can let a case drag out for several years. A good lawyer can make it last even longer

Scattered thoughts


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Whenever any complaint by public is filed/reported against any government servant/officer, superior officer or ministry is not likely to take any action against such officer/servant. However, such complaints are kept in record to be used against such officer/servant if he is likely to cause harm to superior officer/ministry/government.

In various government organisation /departments date of death of employee/officer are noted by corrupt officers in their diary. In future whenever any misdeed is reported then name of such dead employee/officer is used as having handled/conducted such matter/file as to lead investigation to an dead end.

Oslo theatre, Gandhidham, Kutch,Gujarat

Oslo Cinema – It is oldest theater in Gandhidham built by Maharo Madansinhji of Kutch in 1950. The Maharo was Indian Ambassador at Norway and he named the theatre after his one of the favorite place, Oslo of Norway.

The theater was inaugurated by a lady guest from Norway. As remembered , in 1960 the first movie in the theater was Dilip Kumar and Meena Kumari starred Kohinoor.

The theater was and is one of the most popular landmark in Gandhidham and surrounding area is known as Oslo. Presently the theater is closed for last many year

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Kodki, Bhuj,Kutch

Kodki, Bhuj, Kutch. This place is just outskirt of Bhuj. It is said that earthquake of 1819 has created this crack! It is beautiful place to visit, with due caution and care!
Direction on Google Maps –
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