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Train journey is my favorite way to travel. It provides plenty of time just ‘to do nothing’, which I enjoy.

Crossing bridges in train is always exciting for me. I took this shot through my mobile-camera (Sony Ericsson K790i).

The original shot (check the original resized image) was reasonably good considering it was mobile-shot. But I did not find good enough to post it on TrekLens.

So played with the image. But there was classical problem of of two heavily different light conditions. The upper structure was quite bright with sun-light and the train and second track were under shadow.

Therefore, if I was increasing some shadow to show the details of the upper-bridge, it was mostly covering the lower portion dark shadow and vice-versa.

So, I did HRD technique. Created two different image one with undertone another with overtone and merged them to gather.

I found the result some-what satisfactory , your critiques are welcome.