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Today , when the market opened I saw Mercator Lines (MLL) at around38-39 and thought to add little in the bulk. So, I called my broker for placing the order, he symptomatically alerted me, “be careful, now it is bear market ahead”. I smiled myself and thought now the fact has been realized to the lowest level.

Ordinarily, brokers rarely advise you ‘not to buy’, not because they are losing commissions , but morely because it is our decisions to do so. But when a broker whispers about bear market, it is clear that ‘the last bull’ also has lost confidence in the market.

So, what will happen next? The valuations of all companies become zero? They will become bankrupt? Civilisation will extinct?

The answer is, after all these ‘Fear Factors’ , things will become normal- people will again find valuations attractive in the same companies for which there were no buyers in the days of panics.- Again some people will buy selected scripts- again they will become optimistic about the growth of economy- and they will buy some more- and that will increase stock prices- that will alert some other investors about the rising prices of shares, so they will try to get into the market expecting good return- that will also cause rise in prices of shares- by now Televisions and newspapers will take notice and make headlines about unusual price rise of share prices- which will create ‘Greed Factors’ among the mass…. and you know what will happen next.

It is correctly said that we have learnt from history that men never learn from history. So, till the human beings are there with there primitive emotions of fear and greed, bull and bear market will survive.