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I have been frustrated over many misleading advertisements aired on Indian television. Particularly I have strong dislike against certain advertisements of food products which are bent upon to change the eating habits of people. Unfortunately there is no such thing as censor on advertisements.

In this advertisment of orange juice from PriyaGold, the ad is attempting to establish that one should drink packaged/preserved orange juice instead of water. No doubt fruit juices are good for health, and I am not against that, but again preserved/packed juice does not contain any natural nutrition/nourishment as to natural homemade juice (eating fruits is better than drinking juice, but that is another issues).

However, this advertisement  without any hesitation declare that onc should drink only juice and not water, which is apparent by its punch line “AB PANI KOI NAHI MANGEGA” / अब पानी कोई नही मांगेगा ( Nobody will ask for water) .

You may find me little bit touchy, but I cant help myself and decide to grudge.