This article at techtree.com reminded me to write me about this incident.

I have been subscriber of India Today Book Club for last 3 years and has purchased a good amount of books from ITBC. But recently I received a parcel through VPP and as it was from ITBC I paid for the parcel. What I found in the parcels was a set of cheap CD-ROMs which I did not recall ordering.

Next month I again got same parcel and I was not present and someone inadvertently received the parcel and paid for the same. Again the same set of CD-ROMs was in it. Then I received a call from my neighbor who had received similar parcel, but wisely he did not pay and asked me first about the contents of the parcel. I told him to refuse to receive the said parcel.

Thereafter, I wrote to ITBC and not to sent any book unless I place order. Though I my subscription is about to expire and I do not intend to extend considering such incidents.