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This shot is taken using maximum tele-zoom capacity of Fujifilm Finepix S8000fd. The exif data shows focal length of 84.2mm (35mm equivalent: 510.2mm). The shot is taken with 2,304 × 1,728 resolution (4 mega pixel).

Unexpected guest

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Now, with such tele lens capacity I am able to spot and shoot subject which I was unable previously. I was pleasantly surprised to find this Kingfisher in the backyard, as there is no pond/water source nearby.

Update : After going through The Book of Indian Birds by Salim Ali, I could confirm the guest as Whitebreasted Kingfisher. The more technical details from the book, are as follow :

WHITEBREASTED KINGFISHER Halcyon smyrensis R Myna+: 28 cm. A conspicuous white shirt front and white wing patch in flight diagnostic. Canals, streams, reservoirs, cultivation, gardens and edges of forest often away from water. Subcontinent, Andamans , Nicobars; Sri Lanka.