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The change in the management of my mobile service provider , from Hutch to Vodafone, would have gone unnoticed if there was no multi million campaign , as there has been no change in the quality in services (sounds like change in the government in relevancy with the ordinary citizens, doesnt’ it?)

I did not notice any change except I came face to face with new annoying services, calls from advertisers. Till now I regularly frustratingly received SMS from latest furniture exhibition in the city to new educational institute.

Today afternoon a call woke me up from a luxurious nap. When I picked up the call , all I listened to a recorded sales pitch and I slammed up the phone. Not giving up easily, second call came within a minute with another sales pitch and I lost my sleep and temper too.

I decided to lodge up a complaint to Vodafone about these wake-up-calls received in the afternoon. On the Vodafone India website after looking for some contact email id, which I couldn’t find anywhere, I decided to try ‘feedback’ and provided one. Now I am waiting for the response (keeping my fingers crossed).

Another thing I tried on the site to register for My Vodafone. Which is claimed to control my account details , plans , schemes etc. I tried to create new login id , but the I was unable to submit my submission form. After several attempts I try to visit the site using Internet explorer believing that the site will properly run on IE ( I had to download IE 7 for that as I did not have internet explorer installed). But it didn’t run on IE either.

I was expecting some lift in quality in services since Vodafone is claimed to be the largest mobile telecommunication network. But I think being in India has its own unique effect, from which even Vodafone cannot escape.
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