There is no relevancy between words of title. After wandering with my cameraphone I almost shot everything nearby and nothing seemed left for clicking. Then I notice bougainvillea in the garden.

I had never watched Bougainvillea this closely before as it is one of the common ornamental plants in India. It grows almost everywhere, as it can survive in warm climate with little water. And for some reasons even animals don’t eat this plant, and so it flourish without much problem.

Its vibrant colors attracted me and when I went close, there was real beauty in it. Before this I always believed colorful bracts (modified form of leaves) as its flowers, but between those bracts rest tiny white flowers.


After acquiring Sony EriccsonK790i I have been shooting lots of pictures almost everyday. I upload them at but somehow , after blogging here, which allows live interaction, I felt lonely at flickr. So, I have started my photoblog , Photography is poetry, at .

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