It has been quite some time I have’t posted anything, ofcourse commented here and there. Firstly, I was on the roller coaster ride, again. Secondly I was busy with my Sony Ericsson K790 shooting photos and uploanding few of them to Flickr.

Meanwhile, stocke market crashed to lowest of many months, and provided me opprtunities to buy some good scrips like TCS and Reliance Communiation at attractive price. Still investors in panic and confused about the trend.I am not fan of cricket, but losing against Bangladesh is something I cannot digest being an Indian. Rahul Dravid makes statement “we need to plan a lot more”, hell, then what the Team India has been doing all these time. Busy in shooting ads? Shameless fellows.

I have been reading Power and Conquest of Happiness, by Bertrand Russell. Good read they are.