Now what I hear? ICICI Bank is generous enough to let me have “Do not call” option and they will make attempt that I am excluded from their list of calls and SMS. Mercy! Mercy!

Reserve Bank of India has directed all the banks to…

d. The card issuing bank / NBFC should maintain a Do Not Call Registry (DNCR) containing the phone numbers (both cell phones and land phones) of customers as well as non-customers (non-constituents) who have informed the bank / NBFC that they do not wish to receive unsolicited calls / SMS for marketing of its credit card products. The DNCR should be set up within two (2) months from the date of this circular and wide publicity should be given to the arrangement.

ICICI Bank seems to have taking advantage of this. They are informing , that they respect your privacy , so register your cellphone numbers with the bank, and you will be excluded from the list. (QUESTION HERE, how do they get the numbers?)

Further, while just asking your number ,out of respect , to be excluded from the list , they also ask all the details , like office email, personal email, office number, residence number and more. So, previously the bank had only your cellphone number now have all the details, superb job.

Here is another misinterpretation, RBI says “who have informed the bank / NBFC that they do not wish to receive unsolicited calls / SMS “, so if you are not informing about the “do not call” option, the bank will assume that you have no objection for being contacted.

RBI is trying to learn from US. In US they have same kind of scheme, and violators are punished with the penalty of 11,000-00 USD, now this is missing in the RBI direction (no wonder).

Infact, all phone numbers ought to be considered as excluded ,unless the user expressly subscribed to any service. Like we have in email subscription, any decent web sites would not send any email unsolicited.

Now this is clearly case of doing wrong thing from the other side of the end (hope I am clear) so it appears like doing public service. Again ICICI bank plays trick here, if you have eventually decided to excercise the option, the bank will inform that this DNCR is for the ICICI Bank Ltd. only, not for other group companies. So you need to get your all the details registered with all banks, before you can sleep peacefully.

Kudos to RBI and other banks, for allowing humble citizens to have option to rest peacefully.