144089th person I was, when I signed the petition to increase the tenure of our present President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at http://www.petitiononline.com/apj/ . I like his simplicity and love for children. He can really dream , and has power to bring the dreams into reality. He is more interested in the children, students in whom he sees the future of India. He has vowed to address at least 1,00,000 students every year during his tenure, and probably he has always exceeded the number.

There are other possible contenders for the post of President. Other then political favourites, one name is of N R Narayana Murthy, the Mentor and one of the founder of Infosys. He is also undeniably one of the most competen and desired person along with APJ Abdul Kalam for the President. APJ is scientist and visionary , NR is intellectual and entrepreneur and that too with ethical practice.

In last rumour I read name of Amitabh Bachhan for the ‘hot-seat’ . Now, Amitabh is popular , infact more then the first two , because of his powerful presence in the bollywood, which he deserves well. But for the seat of President? Because he has neither become successful politician nor businessman, he is master entertainer that’s it.

Painfully, we are entitled to elect the goons as MP/MLA but not the president but thankfully the post is not election based , otherwise it would be easy for any politician to become the President of India, the most graceful seat.

All I can do is to express my desire. However, APJ has already declared that he believes that he should not run for the president seat for second time, therefore he will not.

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