I watched Salaam-E-Ishq on 26th January as I had nothing else to do. I was late, reached just five minutes before the show and therefore got front seat so I was grossly engrossed in the movie.

The movie shows six couples involved in the most sentimental emotion, love. This time I may not narrate the story because each couple has different story to tale. One is forgotten by his love, another is afraid to commit in love, next is bored with routine and looking for excitement, one is waiting for his dream love, one is confused with love and last one is unable to make love.

Yes, again one can point out similar Hollywood movie, Love Actually, there are many striking similarities, but better to say nothing and watch the Original Indian Movie.

The movie is not surprisingly half an hour longer than usual three hours, to cover all the stories. In the beginning it is difficult to understand each story, but by the end of first hour you probably recognise all the characters. In second hours the story progress but un-equally, one story is given more weight and another is mostly much left behind.

You can find Anil Kapoor without mustache and wonder if the movie might go flop. Juhi is good. Priyanka Chopra acts loudly as an item girl of bollywood, and Salman Khan is as usual in his style. Govinda does no wonder and suitable in taxi-wala role with Shannon Esra who looks adorable and provides good laugh with her efforts to learn Hindi. Akshya Khanna acts well and Ayesha Takia is okay. John Abrahm really acted and I enjoyed his acting, I think he should change his appearance as he has been too long with same hairstyle. And Vidya Balan is getting bolder, but not necessarily beautiful at same time. Sohil Khan tries to make you laugh with Isha Kopikar who has nothing to do in the movie.

The movie gives mix-dish to suit everyone’s choice of love. There are many comic and few good touching scenes. But sometime you left with wanting more.

Music numbers are enjoyable. Title song is good to hum. Adnani Sami sings Dil Kya Kare in his style. Saiyaan Re is item number and easily forgotten. Mera Dil is okay. Babuji Dhire Chalna is old meoldy performed on slow notes. Ye Rabba is sufi song ,by Kailash Kher ,matches the mood of the movie during the climax. Tenu Leke is playful song tailored for Salmaan.

The movie is enjoyable and 210 minutes were easily passed , but nothing extra ordinary.

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