After reading the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown I wanted to read his rest of previous books, and I had ordered for them and were lying unread in the shelves. The Christmas holidays provided good free time to finish them all and Deception Point [DP] was last of Dan Brown.

Infact, I was not quite impressed with the De Vinci Code [DVC] and I have my opinion for it. And when I read Angels and Demons [AD], it was clear that the most of plot of AD was recycled in DVC and I found AD better and fresher then DVC.

Same thing seems to happen with DP, if you have read Digital Fortress [DF], the first novel of Dan Brown, you will find some similarities in the plot in these two.

After reading all his four novels, one thing I can say about the author that he researches thoroughly for novels and uses realistic , actual data which excite the readers. But time and often I find this bit in overdoes. One of fellow blogger concluded the writing style of Dan Brown is like blog informative-one-time-read. But every author has its style and definitely I have put Dan Brown in my favourite author and look forward to read The Solomon Key and other 12 novels when published.

Now something about the story of Deception Point.
Senator Sedgewick Sexton is running for the US Presidency election against the elected president Zachary Herney. Rachel Sexton, the daughter of the senator, is intelligence analyst National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and loath her father.

The senator is successfully using the failure of NASA in its missions and over-budget to attack the president, who is supporter of NASA. Suddenly Rachel is summoned by the President, after receiving advice from William Pickering, Director of the National Reconnaissance Office, to refuse any proposal by the President which is anyway related to her father.

However, she does not get any option and she is sent to a huge Arctic glacier where NASA has made some discovery of a meteorite, which alleged to contains fossils of extra- terrestrial life forms. There she meets Michael Tolland, Oceanographer and host of TV Show, and other civilian scientists who are called by NASA to verify the discovery.

The President declares the newly found discovery of NASA which helps to boot his ratings, and lowered the image of the Senator who was apparently lobbying against the NASA activities as he was receiving bribes from private space companies, to allow them to expand their business in space.

However, after verifying the meteorite, the scientists find something unusual about the the discovery and decide to get into it. Soon their doubts become reality as they find out the deception about the discovery. Someone else is watching their move and try to kill them

Eventually, the President learns the felony, still wins the election and the senator wounds himself by the accidental publication of his scandal.

In this novel also like Digital Fortress, the head of the key government agency is villainous character , and who at same time believes that what is done is in the best interest of the nation. Again it is hard to believe that the President of only super power country, who knows what goes around the world, does not know what happens under his nose.

So, I would not recommend the novel, unless you are like me to read all the books of your favourite author.

With finishing this novel, Dan Brown is among another author with Jefferey Archer and John Grisham, whose all the novels I have read.

This is my first read of 2007 as per the resolution (1/52)