While surfing , on one of blg I found the word "powered by Qumana". I knew that was some blog manager, which allows you to publish your post through a software sitting in your computer.

So I curiously visited the site. Surprisingly I found that they allow you to publish ad also in your posts. This is not something like Google Context Ad which sits on the sidebar of your blog and publish the conext related ads. However, wordpress, do not allow Google Ad Sense as, the code of Google Ads is to be inserted in the main body.

However, with Qumana , it’s ads go in air with the publication of the post and the ad is not context senstive. You can choose the ad to be placed as per the key words supplied to the system.

At this moment I even dont know how it will go but I am exprimenting with it.

Ads by AdGenta.comAds by AdGenta.comAds by AdGenta.comAds by AdGenta.com

Powered by Qumana