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I was trying to get audio/mp3 of this the famous poem from Kabhie Kabhie. Listen it.

You can find the lyrics at my older post

Interesting facts about the poem.(from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabhie_Kabhie)

* The concept came to Yash Chopra while he was reading a poem by his longtime friend (and also the film’s lyricist) Sahir Ludhianvi . Initially, the story just centered on Amit, Pooja, Vijay and Anjali, but Pamela Chopra read an article in a magazine about a woman meeting her adopted child. Yash Chopra thought it good enough to make it a sub-plot in the film.

* There are two versions of the poem “Kabhi Kabhie” – one is the romantic poem Amit sings to Pooja when they are in love, and the other version, rewritten by a shattered Amit since the marriage of Pooja to Vijay, is a bitter, self-hating ode of misery and loss. Sahir Ludhianvi wrote this version of “Kabhi Kabhie” first; the more romantic version was written for the film.

* The film was supposed to open with Amit standing under a tree and watching Pooja get married. Traditionally in a Hindi “shaadi” (wedding) ceremony, there were to be seven “pheras” (circuits) around the altar; therefore there would be seven different love scenes between Amit and Pooja intercut with each phera. This was deemed too artistic a beginning for the film, so a few days were spent re-shooting the simple scenes of Amit reciting poetry and meeting Pooja.

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