I am avid PC gamer (now I dont find much time), and I alway lookout for new games to play. Once I had 100+ title of PC Games , but most of them are scattered in office , at home and mostly among the friends.

I have kept few selected games with me which I have enjoyed most like Command & Conquor , Commandos, SIMS etc.

I have been using gamehippo.com for quite some years. If you are interested in old, but not necessarily boring or dull game by any mean, I would suggest you to try gamehippo.com

The site offers full version of many games which have been declared freeware by their makers in orde to promoter the newer versions of the game, and for many other reasons.

I have been downloading many games from the site and I have enjoyed most of it. The site offers more than 1000+ full freeware games. And they also provide ratings and detailed reviews with screen shots of most games so you can check all the information before downloading any particular game. All the games are neatly categorised in various categories for easy browsing.

Happy gaming!!