Illuminating Supreme Court of India

Last week was amusing for ordinary Indians. Series of sentences to Sanjay Dutt, Shibu Soren, Navjotsingh Sidhu is something average Indian could not expect. Indian judicial system is infamous to let loose any accused who could pull some strings here and there. I am not dwelling upon the merits of each case, but as an ordinary Indian I find it refreshingly hopeful.

All the accused are granted bail to file appeal against the verdict, and probably they will be granted further bail till the appeals come for hearing and finally decided. Almost all cases took more than 13 to 19 years for trial with lower courts, and probably same duration will be at appeal courts, and further appeal thereupon , if available.

Now I am eagerly await for the trials of some more high staus accused. Probably 90 % of active politiican , and retired politician, must have been charged for one or more than one charges (to add feather in the crown as politician).

From Bollywood I can recollect names of Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and few other actors , producers and directors. Recently Aishwarya Rai is also under the cloud by the Custom for money laundring scam.

I am not wishing for the conviction for all of them. But I want to realise everyone that being in power is not to be above the law.

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