Dhoom 2I am the person who cannot bear non-sense. I agree that the cinema is a meant for the entertainment, but Indian movie industry believe that all Indians are dumb and do not understand what is going and will be happy with skimpy clothed actress and exotic location. A good story is not requirment of Indian cinema. I am shocked to see such movie under Yash Chopra banner. Yash Chopra is known for giving romantic touch to his movies, not obscene which is now clearly happening under his banner.

Dhoom 2 is really doomed . Thre is no links between the scenes , and you wait for some worthwhile story. But except Hrithik, there is nothing to watch, only if you are die hard fan of Hrithik. I maintain my stand that I admire Hrithik as an actor he is top notch, infact he is of international caliber and wasted in Bollywood, but that doesnt mean I worship him and watch his every move religiously.

In the movie Uday is Unneccsary, Aishwairya is Aging, Abhishek is Average (especially against Hrithik in every way), Bipasha is Baring and Hrithik is clearly Heart-throbe and Rimi(?) is Rare.

There is no tale to tell , even the creator couldn’t thought of an imganative title and hence Dhoom 2. The movie is made with clear intention encash the populairty of the first part, as happens with most of succesful movies, that too unsuccesfully.

Hrithink is , as always, suitable in the character posing as international thief. However we are not previlaged to see most of his adventautres, only narrations. The train robbery mission is unimpressive. At the first glance to the queen anyboy could easily identify her as Hrithik. The disguised technique is good, but couldnt shortened the height of Hritihk to match the height of an old queen (probably of England). Hrithik is clearly wasted, and casted only to attract the huge fan base. Abhishek is clearly undershadowed by Hrithik and hopless. Stunts are unbelievable, I am not saying out of “awe”, but it is “ouch”, they appear foolish. Answer the following questions and you are offered, ummm two front row tickets for Dhoom : 3 for everyday for 4 weeks.

-How could you keep a water bike submerged, and appear on the surface when you want?
-How did Hrithik surf down from the deseret dunes, when he was on the train which was running in the plain?
-Best ever, how could one enter through drainage system of Mumbai and and come outย  intact, that too ,twice.
-Securities at Junagarh Fort must be blind , not able to detect the device running between their legs, how could it be so?.
-How could a person with the physique of Hrithik, escape unnoticed, appearing as child?
-Kiss between Ash and Hirithik? ( it is puzzle to me , was it stunt or something)
-How could one police officer of State of Mahrahstra roam in Brazil for months without aid of local police?
-Lots of other quizzes and puzzles for you in the movie.

Aishwarya, now looks old and expression-less as always, and certainly cannot give competetion to Bipasha. Bipasha is well endowowed in acting and otherwise, and Ash is flat in acting and otherwise. Bipasha is wasted ,twice, in the movie. Her characters in double role clearly un-neccssary except to give glamours edge to the movie.

Watch Discovery Channel instead, if you are fond of exotic places. Localtions of Brazil were cleraly un-necessary , probably because of some incentives from Brazilian Tourism.

Songs are not memborable, as they ought to under Yash Chopra banner. Watch the movie if you are die hard fan of Hrithik or you have nothing else to do.

N.B. I am already terrified by hearing the rumours of Dhoom : 3 with Shahrukh Khan. The team of Dhoom 2 should be arrested under TADA act for creating terror and for future plannings to do so.

Some other review I find matching with my reviews, and with the stuff I would like to write.