I am wondering about the effect of the verdict of the trial of Sanjay Dutt. He has been relieved from the allegations of conpiracy of the Bombay Blasts, however he has been proved guilty under Arms Act for possessing the weapons like AK-46unauthrisedly.

The trial seems much of political drama, as the trial concluded in the era of Congress rule. Further, the Dutt camp is surprisingly relieved by the sentence under Arms Act, as if he has been set free. As the actor has been granted bail for appeal, which will be soon filed before the appellate court. Wherein, I believe the sentence of 3 years would be reduced to match the period of the judicial custody Sanjay Dutt underwent before he bailed out in 1994, and he will get set off against that, and he may not have to undergo any further imprionment.

Senior criminal lawyer and defence counsel for some of the prime accussed in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case, Majid Memon, a short while ago said, “He possessed and admitted to possessing AK-56, which can’t even be lawfully possessed. Therefore, it was difficult for him to get out of the clutches of law. Any person, who has already spent some period in jail – that period is deducted- he can always knock the door of SC,” he said.
[Mixed reactions to Sanjay Verdict ]

TADA court has found him not guilty for the conspiracy, where Salem who supplied the weapons, out of the consignment send by Tiger Memon for the blasts, is held guilty under TADA Act and also made confessional statement about having done so, and still the court is not able to find any link between Sanjay and Salem. If there is no link at all was established at all then Sanjay and rest of accussed of Bombay Blast could not have been tried togather for the blasts.

Sanjay Dutt has also given statement before the Police Commissioner after the arrest in 1993, hwoever later on he withdrew the statement and four out of five witnesses were turned hositle. Here is another glaring case where witnessess turning hostiles as happened in Best Bakery and Jesica Lal,  making difficult to conclude the judgment

However, I am not unhappy about the whole affiar and even if Sanjay Dutt gets set off against the sentence, as many previliaged accussed also get.