My Top ten websites. Dont try to  find any logic in this list. I have typed it randomly and not in any order.

* For who don’t know , recently I have started investing in stocks and mutual funds. I find quite informative. One of the best feature for I have selected this site over other , is its Free Portfolio. In portfolio you can keep track of your all investements i.e. scrips, mutual funds and other investments/assets etc. You can check live rates of scrips on working days. It has seprate mutual fund section where you can check all the inrofmations about MF , NFO, recent dividends etc. One of the shortcoming of moneycontro is that most of the charts of are not uptodate, and many scrips have chart of year 2002-2003. Inspite of all these still it is best with plethora of informations.

* To fill up the lacuna of charts of, I visit regularly. This site also provides bulk of information.

* This one of the oldest sites I still visit regularly. do not require much introduction as it is one of the largest site providing millions of free and premium photographs. You can download free software provided by software and can manage your photographs. You can also select webshots for arranging as wallpaper and screensavers.

* I have been invited to recently. I immediately liked for its varieties of bumbling communities and millions of members. You can find community about almost any subject. You can gauge your popularity as voted by your friends.

* Opera is favorite to for its innovative and rarely-crashing web browser. However, I have also joined community of and have blog there. I have few good friends there, however I visit less frequently as other sites, but still it is one of my favorite sites.

* I can’t interact you without my wordpress blog. So WordPress is indispensable for me. Last year I switched to wordpress from as I found wordpress more interesting with neat feature and friendly WP teams.

* Do I need to say anything? Google is my door (not just a window )for the on-line world. I use Google to search everything on the net. I have stopped using other search engines. Google is in number 1 to 10 for my search engine list. After trying at least 10 times with Google, I may try to search using another engines. I consider gmail as the part of the google and therefore do not mention it separately for being my favorite. Infact, almost all the features/products of Google I find interesting.

* I have to visit it 10 times every day. Because my first email account was opened with Mr. Gates in 1997 and the id is widely circulated among my circle, and therefore cannot substitute hotmail id with gmail or anything else. and

* Visit these sites regularly to inform about the update of my blogs.

* Wikipedia has acquired my trust and loyalty for the contents and their free encyclopedia polices.