I have been tagged by Nidhi and Dipak, thanks for the same.

• What according to you, is a blog?
Ans . I believe a blog is an extension of a blogger/author as it represents his/her ideas/notions/thoughts. One can know about the blogger’s personality by having a look at his/her blog contents, layout, blog-friends, even comments by the bloggers and how s/he handels the readers reveals much about his/her personality.

• How did you come to know abt blogging?
Ans. I came to find blogger.com in back 2001, when blogsphere was not prospered (nor I was mature enought) like today’s ,and I had lost interest. But I cant remember exactly how did come to know about blogging.

• How far it has changed your perception?
Ans: Dramatically. I was able to see myself through my fellow bloggers and readers eyes, and I did know until they told me about my qualities and my feelings. Nidhi was first to point out that. I expressed my thoughts and ideas on my blog and I found myself much clear about what I was posting. Amazingly, these expereinces has led me to writing my diary regulalry, and now I enjoy writing for myself and for friends.

• Are you true to yourself while blogging ?
Ans: Yes, and I have found that when I write truly, from my heart it echos everywhere. If I am in doubt I remain silent, that is also another lessor I learnt while posting and commenting.

• Any blog? you wish to be the author of ? and why?
Ans : After flattering remakrs from Nidhi and Dipak, I think I am where I want to be.

But still I agree with Dipak and repeat his words ”
I think , she has written great about herself after deep introspection.Most importantly , she is 200 % honest about herself and her thinking.I liked this.”

• What it has preached you?
Ans: Be yourself!

• Two of your fav. Blogs? And why?
Ans: It is difficult to choose from many, but…..
http://nidhidiary.wordpress.com – For her friendliness. (Biased towards her because she is my first true blog-friend and always encouraging)

http://my.opera.com/zenya/about/ – For her survival instincts and wisdom.
• One of your fav. Post by a fellow blogger?
Ans: This also diffivult, http://nidhidiary.wordpress.com/2006/03/07/love-marriage/

• One of your fav. Post by yourself?
Ans :https://notestomyself.wordpress.com/2006/03/12/to-my-friend-to-our-friendship/

• A blog which inspired you?
Ans : http://my.opera.com/zenya/about/
• any Blog friends ! who are they? and why?
Ans :I have many blog friends, Nidhi, Dipak, Neeraj, Zenya, why? they are my frineds!!
• If provided opportunity would you like to meet a fellow blogger? Who? and why?
Ans : Nidhi and Zenya ofcourse.
• name a blogger, who comments regularly in each post of yours?
Ans : Not in particular, but in regular reader, Nidhi comments most.

• A blog, where you comment regularly?
Ans : Nidhi and Zenya
• How does it feel to be called as a blogger?
Ans: Good