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International Deaf Chidren’s Society

Happy Independence Day to all Indian friends.

I have received and sent many SMS about wishing the day.

However, I rceived few SMS with message something like this :

“We eagerly celebrate friendship day, valentine day, rose day and many other day following western culture, but why there are is no interest in celebrating Independce Day”

Well, I believe the statement cant be rejected in toto.

But I wonder how to celbrate independance day. Most people are concern with the day off and nothing else. Few people even can’t figure out difference between independence and republic day.

What one is supposed to do on 15th August or 26th January ? Flag hoisting? Watching parade? listening patriotic songs ? see patriotic movie? Putting post on the blog 🙂 ? Will that suffice for patriotism?

I don’t think anybody needs to be told how to love , be loyal , follow norms , in order to show respect towards one’s country.

One thing I can suggest, I hope everyone will agree, that to cancell the holidays , atleast of these two days and let the people work. School , educational institute can take day off and let the pupil involve in cultural activities.

Because, any such day provides governments to excuse for self promotion by organising functions, parades, ads in tv and newspaper ofocurse at the cost of our money.

How did you celebrate the Independence Day?