Beat me if you want to but I cant stop comparing.

The subject which Karan Johar deals with is serious and delicate. Extra martial affairs of married perons. It is quite clear that this not new or bold approach. Silsila (1981), which co-incidently stars Amitabh, also deal with somewhat same subject. Closer (2004) seems source of inspiration to KANK. Well, there is nothing wrong in inspiration.

It is definate, for most of rural Indians this movie will come as great shock. The movie tells the story about affair between two persons, who are unsatisfied and unhappy in marriage relations with their respective partners.

The story is interesting enough and watchable. You can call it five stars, may not for the rating purpose, but for the casting todays biggest stars of Bollywood. Presence of these stars prevails heavily over the sotry line and story becomes of secondary importance, which is large drawback.

Further, the movie is little less gripping, blanks and gaps leave you wondering.For example, at a crucial moment , when Abhishek and Priety Zinta meet and discuss problems about their partners and decide to call them for forgiveness . Unfortuantely cell of Shahrukh and Rani were engaged, so voicemail messages were left. However, these messages were never seemed to be recovered, at least I did not notice anywhere. I eagerly waited and wished that the messages were listned to but it never happend.

The message conveyed by the movie is somewhat clear, if a person is not happy with a relation s/he should quit the relation. One can argue either way, after all morality is subjective, so it is left to everybody’s own discreation weather movie deals with
the subject properly or not.

But the treatment of the movie is of my main concern. The movie could have been made more thoughtful with deeper pentration in personal feelings. It is not that movies are made purely for entertainment and again it is not that Indian viewers do not accept serious stuff. BLACK is latest example of taste of Indian viewers.

In the movie you can hardly found a painful soul. Sharukh finds difficult to appear as frustrated man in a relation. Pritey acts natually as a career oriented woman, who claims to wear pant in the house. Abhishek, a party organiser and night creature expects warmath and affection from his wife. Rani disappoints as a characteer who is disappointed in every walk of life , primarily for her incapacity to bear child. Amitabh,casanova father of Abhishek is good as he gets , but entirely unnecssary fo the story.

I am not bollywood trade pundit, but I can predict that this movie will earn sufficient to be claimed as a superhit. But that is not criteria of a memorable film and certainly this movie does not fall in such category.

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