Honestly, I have not seen any of the previous movies directed by Madhur Bhandarkar. But the trailer of the movie tempted me to visit the theater, not Bipasha Basu. I was expecting to see warfare between giant industrialists for business. The movie had what I exacted , but it had more, a typical Madhur Bhandarkar style, ruthless business tactics in which even human ,let alone human relation , has no value. It was good change from the typical Bollywood movie.Nishi (Bipasha Basu) is a successful executive in Sahegal Food Industries, headed by Vinay Sahegal. Decision of the Maharashtra Government to give a Public Sector Unit of Bottling Plant to the private industry started race among the industrialists. Sahegal and Marwa (Raj Babbar) are bitter rival and attempt everythings to control the bottling plant. Marwa wins the contract manipulating the State Finance Minister Gulabrao, which makes Sahegal mad. Meanwhile brother-in-law of Sahegal, Ritesh (K.K. Menon) , returns from US and Sahegal reluctantly includes him in the board of the company. Nisha and Ritesh had affair before Ritesh had left India.

Sehgal further gets frustrated by losing Best Industrialist Award to Marwa. During that Nisha receives secret information from an employee of Marwa Group about the new soft drink launch. She successfully gets the all information about the new product of Marwa by alluring an executive of the opposite camp.

Sahegal in order to beat the rival launches the soft drink early in the market. Unfortunately, Food and Drug Department finds high quantity of pesticide in the new product. The officials were bribed to keep quite, and it was decided to launch the product anyhow, with pesticide. For this decision one of the top executive leaves the company, who is against the decision. Nisha and Ritesh were persuaded, that soon the solution would be found, and it was not good to postpone the launch, when the public issue  of shares of the company was coming out.

The product was launched and successfully covers the market. Ritesh was made CEO of the company, and by this decision a second in command of the company feels cheated and reveals the secret of the pesticide to Marwa. Marwa using his political connection harass and humiliate Sahegal. Eventually, when everything becomes clear that there is no escape, except if someone comes forward and take all the responsibility of the scam, the Sahegal group would be in total mess. Vinay Sahegal and his wife request Ritesh to convince Nishi to take blame and the promised that she would be freed soon. Nishi agrees to take blame and surrender before the police and was put behind the bars.

But the pressure does not cease off, finally the foreign investor company, threatens Finance Minister to withdraw all the investment if there is no end of the political and business rivalry. An compromise is arrived between Marwa and Sahegal, however the ministers refuse to settle the case of Nishi before the election is over, which means many months in the custody for Nishi. Ritesh finds out the compromise scheme, and also that Nishi is pregnant with his child. He demands from Sahegal to get free Nishi within two days otherwise he would tell everything to the media. Next day Ritesh is found dead and Nishi is completely broken down.

Movie ends with Saehgal who is happy with his successful soft drink product and Nishi who is bailed out but still facing the food case.

Madhur has arrived at front page from ’page 3′. After reveling the glittering glamor world, he has tried his hand on business and politics.

Like his previous movie, Mahdur has revealed the dark and ugly secrets of the corporate world. Where money hungry businessman join hand with power hungry politician. Infact , in India this is open secret about the hand to hand partnership of business mand and politician. What the movie focus about the ruthlessness of the corporate world, where human life seems no value. Relations are measured on their return value like any investment.

Movie has good grip and all actors performs their part well. Every character has been given required footage, even two gossiping peons in the movies appear to be the part of the movie. A must watch for everyone.

What I expect from now from the director to do same with main stream media and journalism.journalism.