Last night I went to see Krrish, rather I was dragged to the theatre. Since seeing the promotions and articles of this movie last year, I had became grudged to the movie. Apparently it was sequel of “Koi Mil Gaya”. Forget it let’s talk about the story (!). You have to be very observant through out the movie, of course it is not the story you have to concentrate on but something else.

Now Rohit(Hrithik Roshan) and his wife Nisha (Pritey Zinta) have died leaving one son Krishna (Hrithik Roshan). His grandmother (Rekha) finds out that the young child also is gifted with all the superhuman qualities given to his father by Jadoo (alien). She is afraid of these qualities of Krishna and disappears with him in some distant hilly town leaving no trace behind.

Krishna grows up with no friend as his grandma keeps him aloof from the most of the society. He is instructed not to display his superhuman capabilities, but still sometime he plays with such capabilities and amuse the local village boys.( Inspite of his superhuman capabilities you can see him drinking ‘Bournvita’). Then one day while playing with the boys , he sees a ‘large kite’ (glider) and follows the kite to get it. There he saves Priya (Priyanka Chopra) from the fall and falls in love with her, who has come from Singapore for Adventure Camping with her friend Honey (Manini De).
Soon they become friend and she has to return to Singapore. Back at home she is got fired by her lady boss (Archna Puran Singh) of a TV Channel (Star TV) for taking leave more than granted. Honey lies about find of superboy at India, which excites the boss, and ask them bring him at Singapore. Priya calls up Krishna and deceits him about her lover towards him, and if he does not comeup at Singapore, her mother will marry her with someone else.

Back in India , Krshna insist upon going at Singapore at any cost, to that the grandma refuse firmly. After word fighting between them, he says sorry to her and she explains her reasons why not allowing him to go anywhere.

She explains that his father because of the superhuman qualities became world famous. One of the largest IT Company invites Rohit for the dream project of its owner Dr. Siddhant Aryan (Nasrudin Shah). What the doctor wanted was to invent a compute which can show the future. Rohit worked hard for the Doctor for two years and finish the computer. In India his wife Nisha is pregnant (?) about to give birth. He receive call from his mother informing birth of son, then suddenly something happened and Rohit died because of fire in the lab. Nisha could not live the shocking news and died too.

After listening the story, Krishna promises his grandma that in Singapore he will behave like ordinary human and will not reveal his capabilities and he leaves for Singapore with the overcoat of his father (?). As he arrive at Singapore (you can find Priya and Honey eating “lays waffer” in parking lot instead receiving Krishna). Priya do not bring him at her home, making some excuses. While roaming Singapore, on a street Krishna finds a martial art expert showing his arts to raise money to operate his paralysed sister. Krishna grasps all the movements of the art by looking at it once, suddenly the performer gets hurt doing the tricks and crowd starts leaving. At that time Krishna performs all marshal arts he has learnt by observing, and entertain the crowd and gathers money for the operation. Then the performer introduces him as Kris Lee and invites him to visit Great Bombay Circus (?) (sponsored by Hero Honda, another question mark??) where he works. Krishna and Priya visit the circus, but instead of watching neat circus tricks they go on performing song in the circus(!@#$).

Somehow, the circus tent catches fire and everybody runs out, a few people are left inside and cry for help. Here you can see the masked man coming into the scene, Krishna wears the mask to conceal his identity and saves all of them. Immediately he becomes famous as Kriss. Eventually, realised that Priya is taking his benefit, so he prepares to leave Singapore. BEWARE : SPOILER AHEAD……At the airport the Security Chief of the Doctor Aryan tells that his father still alive. That makes Krishna to drop the idea of leaving Singapore, and eventually he saves his father, destorys the computer, kills the Doctor and comes back to India happily.

Now I told you to observant, through out the movie. Because you have to remember all the products advertises through out the movie, Bournvita, Tide, Lays, Hero Honda, Singapore Tourism etc. Then you have to recall the Hollywood movies for one scene or another. Superman, Spiderman, Matrix, Blade, Daredevil.

I am angry about the movie of ‘Indian Superhero’ , in the movie except the hero nothing is Indian. Not even locations, the movie could have been well shot in Mumbai, why Singapore? Why Indian Superhero has to wear an unconventional Overcoat, couldn’t he perform supertricks in Dhoti.

Now consider the reasons to see the movie. It has good stunts- If you are interested in stunts why not watch the original Hollywood movies and Jackie Chan for real stunts. It has good story – What story? It has Hrithik Roshan in it – now this is one of the prime reason to see the movie – but then I can watch Kaho Na…Pyar Hai every year, why new movie, just to see Hrithik Rithik.

Overall movies lacks everything, did I mention anything about music? Sorry for that, I am not able to do so because I cant recall any song.

Why every move, stunts even costume has to be borrowed. Original movies can be inspiration but imitation is something I deprecate. Though I admire Hrithik as an actor but I cannot allow any thing which is contempt to my intelligence. I request Roshans to come up with something original, be experimental.