Shrelock Holmes is one of the most famous ficitional detectives. You can count on his logic and the theory of deductions to solve any crime. And his bewildered assistant Dr. Watson. But what if you are told that it is really Dr. Watson who is the genius behind crime solving logics and Sharelock Holmes is just dummy who acts as detective. Confused? So was I. When I picked up the title I thought it as a really movie from any of his case. But it turned out to be parody of the detectives.

In the movie you discover that it is Dr. Watson (Ben Kingsley) who do all the invetigating works and Sharelock Holmes is actually an drunkard and failed stage actorReginald Kincaid ( (Michael Caine) who just act as the intelligent detctives and publicly known for his skill. Jealous to all the publicity the dumm detctives gets, Dr. Watson finally decides to fire him and really does. Then suddenly a royal case comes up. A ‘5-pound’ printing plate from the Royal Mint has been stolen and also the Mint Supervisor is missing. The minister visits Holmes for the case finding only Dr. Watson to be there. Dr. Watson tries to persuade to give the case to him as the Sharelock has ‘left’ for another case and would not return for a quite good days. But by the minister remains unimpressed and insist upon to handover the case only to the ‘real’ detctive not to his assistant. Dr. Watson unwillingy starts looking for the actor who has dumped himself in a bar. Eventually the detective ‘returns’ from the visit and agreed to take case. One of the Inspector of Scotland Yard is envious to the skill and publicity of the Sharelock and tries every way to outwit him, ofcourse without any success.

Dr. Watson soon discovers that it is evil Professor Moriarty who has plotted everything. The government insist hard on the detective to find him immediately otherwise the economy of the nation would be in chaos. The detective team is following the Professor, and end upto harbour where ink to print the currency notes are imported. During the collision Dr. Watson drawns and his body could not be discovered and decalred dead. Now, the detective is really without a clue how to solve the mystery and deporessed and left the home. But soon he decide to solve the case by using whatever skills and theories he learnt from Dr. Watson, but still remain clueless. Still, he was able to find the clue about the whereabouts of the printing plate and the supervisor and reaches there. There, the villain has completed priting of currency notes and transporting them. Sharelock does everything to stop him, which he is unable to. Suddenly, from nowhere Dr. Watson appears take the control of the situation and happy ending.

Movie is British comedy so expect witty dialogues. It is good time pass movie with reknown actors.