Surprisingly, I like animation movies over the regular movies. May be I am still childlike or childish. I know , many people like animation movie, but few are reluctant admit. I have seen almost all the animation movies. When Ice Age released I watched that too, and I liked that movie. Now comes the second part of the movie.

The original movie takes place in the ice age where most of mass of earth are covered by ice glaciers and characters of the movies are animals.

Second part start in same scenerio where glaciers start melting on account of global heat. In begining all the animals enjoyed the same but Manny ( mammoth) and his friends Diego (saber toothed tiger) and sid (sloth) soon realize the danger of the breaking down of glacier dam which would sweep away entire valley with water leaving no space to live.

All the animals unitedly move towards the other side of valley , where , they have been told a large boat can be found. Sceneario is much assembling with Noha’s Ark. All the animals are worried about their survival , then Manny painfully realise that he is last of his species and mammoths will be soon extinct. All of them travel towards the boat facing obstructions. Because of the melting some strange water creature come alive out of the frozen glaciers and start preying animals. Then there are Hungry vultures and breaking of thin glaciers.

During the journey Manny meets Ellie, a female mammoth, who surprisngly believes that she is a possum and behaves like one. Menny tries to explain that she is not what she thinks, but she cannot understand, and sleep on tree upside down hanging on her tail with her ‘brothers’ Eddie and Crash (possums).

Diego and Sid realise that after seeing Ellie , hope of Manny is raised to save his species from becoming extinct. But he is too shy to propose anything to Ellie, who also pity Manny being last mammoth. While playing with Eddie and Crash in trees, Ellie gets struck in trees and unable to come out, then Manny remove trunks from her easily and say that she could do that easily only if she realize her strength. She discovers herself, but still there is not tuning between both of them. When Manny pushed little bit more, she gets angry and seprates from him.

While Manny and friends reaching near the boat , are informed that Ellie is struck in a cave and unable to move out, and during all these glacier dam is finally broken and soon everything will be under water, including Ellie. Manny returns at the cave with his friend to save Ellie , which is almost water filled. Manny tries hard to open the front of the cave and same time fight with the water creatures. Eventually, water goes away and all are happy and Manny and Ellie meet the entire heard of mammoth and join them.

Now in the animation movies, animatio part has not remained exciting. When I saw Toy Story, the first full motion animation movie, I was awed with the clarity and sharpness of the animation. But now in animation movie story has become as important as the regular movie. So, if you enjoy animation movies you can have promise you will enjoy otherwise, you simply yawn hrough out the movie.