Finally , WordPress has introduced much awaited feature allowing users to replace the header image with own choice. But at the moment it is available with Connections theme only. Ofcourse, WordPess has promised if the experiment turns out to be successful, they will introduce this feature in more themes.

I changed my theme to to play with the image header and I have put one. Changing header image is quite easy here. Once you upload an image, WordPress allows to crop the image which can be exactly fit with the header.

But my secret fear is that I will spend more time tweaking images rather concentrating on writing the posts 🙂

Update: After publishing the post, soon afterwards header image of the blog just diappeared and displaying the no image at all. I informed WordPress people about this, may be a bug or something.

Second update: Withing few mintues of my submission through 'Feedback', as above, I received reply, asking to try ctrl+5, refreshing the page, which I had done without any success, so I replied accordingly. Thereafter, I got another reply informing me that there was some error at where the images are stored, and would work out soon. I have changed my theme to my original one, so dont try to find header image 🙂

I had never used Feedback form, but after using it I was impressed by the quick responses from WordPress. I will use Feedback more to make WordPress better.