Time is just 9:45 in the morning and I am already feeling immensely happy by the morning activities.

I woke up at about 8:30 feeling completely relaxed and fully energised. Normally, I am too lazy to leave my bed, and that too I have to drag myself out of the bed.

I was wondering about my state of my mind. During sleep I had very strange and disturbing dreams. I recalled all the incidents of yesterday. Last night I went with a friend for outing and we enjoyed, and talked too much. After returning to home I watched "Danger Beneath The Sea". And went to sleep.

I realised or considered ,some of the things of yesterday's, as my mistake and regretted, and promised to not to commit the same again.

Then I reached to office, a bit earlier than routine. Met with the superior for todays business. After going through everything, I showed him the documents I had prepared last night for checking and I left for my chamber, and turned on othe internet.

Soon he followed me in my chamber, handing over the document, and told me 'there is slight changes required,(paused for a moment) now you can do as good as me'. I was in seventh clouds. I couldn't hold my smile.

Then I logged into wordpress for writing these things, and I checked stats page. There I found a link from http://jeffreyarcher.co.uk/code-v2/herrings-reviews.htm referring to my blog. I wondered because that appeared to be the official site of the author. So I checked the link, and I was pleasantly surprised. The editor of the site had chosen my post about the review on Twelve Red Herrings , a collection of the short stories of the author. Now, that was very encouraging for me.

I am enjoying my day. Now tell me what should I expect next? it is just 10:00.