I cant help thinking how funny, rather ridiculous , to make an issue of Budhia’s running. What is so much ho-hum about a kid running a marathon. In India millions of under-privileged children do everything , do unthinkable jobs. But running of Budhia is hot issue for government and people. While the kid is wondering about his achievement , everybody is rushing to the Courts with their own say. Orissa government has brought petition for stay against running of Budhia fearing burn out for the government. Biranchi das, the coach, has also filed case against the officials of Women and Child Development Department for contempt of court.

Now, here is an interesting question, should Budhia run? . How to use his skill? Had he been working in some tea cabin running for supplying hot tea and cofeee , he would not have been in controversey. But instead he run marathon and made issue out of it.