Recently I am having ride in the roller coaster of the life. Sometime I am at lowest spot and at another moment at the top. Recently I have set two goals for me. One is economical and another is very personal. I have given myself 12 months to complete. Personal goal , cannot be labelled as goal, but I am afraid if I call it wish, I may end up in mere wishful thinking.

I feel I give too much thought on evertyhing I do. I think lot before I do, rather I only think and eventually do nothing as I already tired because of thingking too much. I am trying to be decisicve, quick decision. I should order Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking. Now this is something, thinking without thinking.

I have been reading enough about sub-concious mind and power, engrey, brain wave and so on. I am experimenting it, trying to think what I want. Generally all the things which can be perceived by five human senses are considered as matter. But anicent Indian philosophers and sages said that thought, the action of thiking, is also a matter and it has effect on everyone,everything.