The Partner by John Grisham

The Partner by John Grisham (1997,Random House Publication)

Danilo is hiding somewhere in Brazil and his victims have been looking for him for more than four years, spending nearly two millions for that. Danilo is Patrick Lanigan before he embezzled 90 million dollars from a client of his former law firm, where he was newly introduced partner.

One of the client of the firm was informer to the government about a billion dollar contract scandal and was about to receive 90 million ,the incentive amount for informing the scandal. Patrick planned very carefully and transferred the entire amount in his account and vanished with the bounty and made sure not to leave any trace behind him.

He planned for his own death, and died in a road accident. He insured himself for one million dollar eight months ago before his 'death' to ensure maintenance of his wife, whom he despised, and for his daughter Ashley , whom he was doubtful about being her father.

The plan worked as aimed, people sorrowed for his death , his wife was paid the insurance claim and everything was on its place until his death become doubtful and linked with the missing 90 millon dollars from the firm's account.

A syndicate, consisting the insurance company of his wife , of the firm and the client, invested hugh amount for finding him out. After he was brought to his home town, he became celebrity for looting the large sum and ,moreover, running away with it. All the government prosecution agency, the state and federal, sued him for every possible charges.

Every one had variable interests in Patrick, the client wanted his bounty, the firm watned its share, insurance company wanted to get their claim back, his wife wanted him dead so she could keep the money, the prosecutors wanted conviction to help them in next election.

But they all faced one of the biggest problem when it was found out that Patrick did not know where the monies are? All of them were well invested and the locations were known only to a lady friend of Patrick.

Eventually, Patrick squared up with everyone. He readily returned all the money to the government with little interest over it leaving him some handsome money, his client kept silent as the scandal would embrass some big shots in Washington, insurance company abandon the claim money, his wife got divorce and the kid.

Finally, Danilo left his hometown and waited his girlfriend to turn up with money. But did she…?

I have read most of John Grisham's and this is re-read so naturally it is recommended.

However it is not at par compared to his other highly successful novels like The Firm and The Runaway Jury etc.