When you make mistake in a relation, not sure about the wheather it was mistake or not, but when it turns out to be sour, you always regret for doing it. Out of hundreds kind of relations, for me ,friendship remains on top. Or I dare to say , it is the only relation which is natural (unlike blood relation).

All relations which is bonded by blood or law, like father-son, sister-brother, husband-wife. They have certain terms , conditions, commitments to be followed, knowingly or un-knowingly, willingly or un-willingly. In most of relations person are not offered with any choices, quite naturally, you cannot choose your parents, sisters, brother etc. In Indian prospective, persons is not free to choose his/her life partner, there are also many guidance, directives to be followed by the elders,family and society. In my opinion in love too, an apology for that, people set certain criteria to find suitable lover. Well, I cannot speak authorarively on love but that is there. Every boy and girl has his/her dreamboy or dreamgirl.

In friendship, I believe, there is no such condition, criteria, standard, social-economical status. People dont look for certain trait in other person before becoming friends, as to in love.

Yes, love and friendship almost seem one , almost blended. But there is one subtle and major difference. Love requires certain commitments to each other. Ofcourse, a friend is loyal,honest, helpful to other, but at same time not to be outdone in friendship the other friend do not expect any commitment towards him/herself.

I am suddenly interested in friend and friendship.

Friend is like oxygen, you never notice it untill it is gone.