Blogging has been emerged as publishing personal , individual thouhts of their author. I have always beleived that blog is the extension of its respective author. You can find reflection of the personality of the author in the blog.

During my regular blogging for last 2 years I have found there are some major difference between the male and female bloggers and it is very interesting. I dont claim to visiting so many blogs to come at conclusion but visiting many blogs and regulalry visiting few blogs maintained by female bloggers made me to come at conclusion and that is general observation. Exceptions are always there.

I have found women blogger are more open, senstive and frank about their ideas and life. May be their identity is not disclosed but they express their feeling un-hesitantly much like their off-line world with their frends.

Whereas mostly men bloggers , including me, dont talk on personal things. You can find out the gender of blogger by looking the categories and theme colors of blog.

Further women tend to write with space to comment upon whereas male would have definate opinion on what he talks leaving little space for comment.

I myself end up writing more comments on the posts of women bloggers then writing on my blog:)