You probably know that WP convert text smileys 🙂  into graphics smileys but , what I dont know which text works with WP. I tried following but most of them dont work.

🙂 smile
:-] polite smile
😦 frown
:-[ another frown
:-/ or :-\ skepticism, annoyance, or a slight frown
😐 indecision, deadpan, or indifference; also often used with a contrasting statement to convey biting sarcasm (e.g. “That was hilarious! :-|”)
😉 wink
😀 wide grin
😛 or :-p or :-þ tongue sticking out; used to convey a joke, light-hearted sarcasm, inappropriateness, or a light hearted groan, as in “Ugh”.
B-) or 😎 wearing glasses
😮 or :-O or :-0 surprise
:-s or :-S confusion
:-8 or :-B buck teeth
😡 sealed lips; used to convey “I shouldn’t have said that” or sometimes shocked silence
:’-( or :_( or :*( or :~-( or TT_TT shedding a tear
:o) clown face, can mean tongue in cheek
>:-) or }:-) eyebrows or horns; evil, being mean, a devil
0:-) halo over the head, an angel, innocence
XD laughing so hard the eyes are closed, (LOL)
D: horror (read right to left)
:3 cat face, or the “aw” face.
:V mouth opened comically wide
:-t angry
:-> grin
:*) blush; (sometimes used to illustrate “drunk”)
:-)* kiss 2
:^o liar liar
:-& tongue-tied