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Title : Mile kisi se nazar to samjo ghazal hui
Album : Love (doubtful)
Singer : Pankaj Udhas (doubtful)
Lyrcis : Zafar Gorakhpuri
Music : ??

I listned this ghazal some months ago , it was on Jagjitsinhg’s MP3 CD. But the voice is of not Jagjit’s. it is most probably of Pankaj Udhas, if I am correct. Then I tried to find the clue from the internet search, but I could not get any solid information on it. On some site it is listed as Pankaj Udhas’s ghazal and in another site it was associated with Ashok Khosla (Album : Shagoofa). Name of lyricst is not available anywhere.

However, ghazal is very simple but very sweet and cajoling. Person who has looked in someone’s eyes that way can certainly feel and understand the thing.

Mile kisise nazar to samjo ghazal hui,
rahe na apni khabar to samjo ghazal hui.

Mila ke nazaron ko wale hana haya se pi,
juka le koi nazar to samjo ghazal hui.

Idhar machalkar unhe pukare junoon mera,
Dhadak uthe udhar dil to samjo ghazal hui.

Udas bistar ki silvate jab tumhe chubhe,
Na so sako raat bhar to samjo ghazal hui.

Woh badguman ho to sher suje na shayri,
Woh meharbaan ho “zafar” to samjo ghazal hui.
मिले किसीसे नज़र तो संजो ग़ज़ल हुई,
रहे न अपनी खबर तो समजो ग़ज़ल हुई.

मिल के नज़रों को वाले हना हया से पी,
जुका ले कोई नज़र तो समजो ग़झल हुई.

इधर मचलकर उन्हें पुकारे जुनूं मेरा,
धड़क उठे उधर दिल तो समजो  ग़झल हुई.

उदास बिस्तर कि सिलवटेँ जब तुम्हे चुभे,
न सो सको रात भर तो समजो  ग़झल हुई.

वह बदगुमां हो तो शेर सूजे न शायरी,
वह मेहरबान हो “झफर” तो समजो  ग़झल हुई.

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