Yest, that’s all me. I have been avoiding works for quite a few days. Even, I procrastinate to write on the blog. Here is the word, which is best suited for me. I have wirtten about my procrestination habit in my old blog too. The post and comments on it make a really interesting read. But I haven’t learnt anything by far ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

In last few days I have many things to write but I am waiting for something better to write. Let’s see what I wanted to write. I watched King Kong directed by Peter Jackson, ( it was dubbed in Hindi, it is really funny to listen americans speaking in Hindi). I have installed World Space Radio at home (after knowing it has a french information channel). Re-read two books, now awaiting for reviews. Six new books (all on Yoga by OSHO) from delivered today morning. Another batch of six books expected soon in this week from

See all theses happening I am wondering what to write. I will write each thing in detail soon (oh no, I am starting procrestination thing again)