A comment from Jay made me to visit his blog, as he appeared after long time. And his blog remind me of a kitten (he is fond of cats) who suddenly appeared in my office just a few days ago. She seemed isolated from its mother and other siblings. Following her basic instinct she did not trust anyone, but developed little attachment with as I used to offer her milk and biscuits. But, then agains to her nature she became dominant and demanding and roamed everywhere in my chamber, on my table slept on my chair in night so I removed her behind my fridge where the atomsphre was little cozy and comfy. She was intolerant all the people around the office, I had pay attention to her whenever she turned up at her leisure and had to arrange food for her. She enjoyed going out for sunbath during noon at come back at evening afternoon. But for last two days she has not returned , I hope she has found better place to live.