Another year! Same resolutions. I am trying to make the list of resolutions for 2006

Learning French
1. Learning French
– Some time back I decided to learn french. Although, I have no other resources, I am trying to learn this language as I learnt english, by reading.

Weight Reduce
2. Weight reduce
– I am not that fat but sitll full belly is there and I find difficulty in doing some laborious work like, climbing stairs etc. However, during last 8-9 months I have redeuced some 12 kg, so I am optimistic about it. I will reduce more 10 kg this year, and ofcourse maintain the level.

Get organized
3. Get organized – I believe this is the most common resoultion around the world after weight reduce. I am one of them. In trying to get organised usally get more confused.

Guess what?
4. Stop ******* – Well I have been trying to quit ****** for quite somem time. I am sure I will be able to quit this year.