To kill my time during the weekend I dug up my cupboard to get some good pc game to play. I got my hand on Caesar III. I purchased the ame some 6-7 years back and got addicted to it.

Caesar III is 2-d strategy city-building gener pc game. It is very wonderful strategy game which allows you to govern a city. You have to found a city, invite people to live there, provide emploment, food, security, open trade route and make money and fight against foes time to time and finally supply the ‘gifts’ to Caesar to gain favors.

You are given various criteria to fulfill to reach at certain population, with high culture, peace, favour ratings. Along with that you have to maintain the moods of your citizen by providing necessary employment and food. Gradullay you city grow larger and people get luxrious and demand more and you have to provide in order grow your city larger.

I enjoy the game very much. Graphic is great (considering that it came out in 1996). It requires very low resource comapring to other games.