Well, another episode in bleak Indian poltical system. I feel no feeling about this. My feeling towards the poltics and politician have gone numb lately. Here, 11 Members of Pariliament cuaght red handed during the sting operation by cobrapost.com and Aaj Tak TV for accepting cash to raise questions in the parliament.

It is ,indeed, right and moreover a duty of every member of parilament , on behalf othe citizens, to ask questions in order to keep watch over the acitivites of the ministers and making the ministers answarable the people.(see the manual and brief description of Question Session).

I dislike all these corrupt poltician and arrogant political parties. The political parties have always been aware about such dirty practice and when the string operation has bitten them on their backside they simply warn their members to stay clear from such malpractice. Most of ordinary citizens of the nation have no faith left in these goons and no trust in the administration of the government.

The political parties have immediatley suspended all the erring MP, and the Speaker has announced inquiry against them. One of the MP has admitted his mistake, yet another one is alleging as the act to defame the MPs.

I am hopeless.