I am feeling isolated. I want to be isolated from other. I am not in mood to talk to anyone, even I don’t want see anyone. I just want to sit in my dark room and be gloomy. I want to give deep thought about the prank life is playing with me. I simply unable to think anything. I am trying to dissect the reason of sadness. I just want to be myself. I wonder about the way of life. I was at height of happiness in he morning and now I am sitting in the velly of the sorrow. What bothers me? I am asking to my self and I want answer. Where the things go wrong? I seem to have everthing and , then nothing appeals me. I cannot concentrate on my work, neither books give me any relief. I dont want anyone near me. I am just looking up to find the answer. I know this phase soon will pass, bu it will come again someday. In my little life I have been fighting with my innerself fiercely. In every battle I felt doomed but the experience has taught me that everything passes on. Time is the best medicine for everything. I can handle the pressure from outside, when the foe is known and can be seen. But many a times it is hard to find the point of the pain.