Deewane Huey Pagal A Firoz Nadiadwala Movie, Directed by Vikram Bhatt, Music by Anu Malik ,Lyrics by Sameer and you expect a good multi-star movie. But, alas, there is nothing near to anything good. At first look at the trailer or the poster one might think the movie as Priyadarshan’s as the team of Hera Pheri, Awaara Deewana Paagal, Hungama, Yeah Tera Ghar Yeah Mera Ghar are to be seen. On poster you see Akashay Kumar, Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal and you think of nothing else. But in the movie you find more nutty characters. Vivek Oberoi as the narrator is boring. Aftab Shivdasani has guest appearance. And yes Johny Lever is there to entertain you but he fails too. Then, Rimi Sen is good looking gal, but surprisingly I find her horrible, she is not suited for the role.

Movie tries to get touch of comedy but does not come near to anything. Sadly enought it has no good music number either. After watching the movie you won’t be able to tell the story, because it has none. I can try to tell the story in one breath.

Shahid Kapoor is shy and timid but scholar student and falls in love with Rimi Sen but cannot express it to her. She suddenly vanish somewhere as Om Puri chases her for some secret code which he believes is with her. For three years Shahid with his friend Johny Lever tries to find the whereabouts of Rimi. Johny recommend Akhsay Kumar to find Rimi as she is somewhere in Dubai. Akhsay flies to Dubai to serach her and falls in love with Rimi. When Shahid and Johny arrive at Dubai Akshay tries to shoo them away to get Rimi for himself. But again there are already handful of lovers around Rimi to handle . Paresh Rawal fools around in the home of Rimi, Sunil Shetty becomes his friend, and Asrani (did someone mention Asrani?) is also in the queue.

Akshay decied to remove everyone by hook or crook. Then arrives Om Puri with a South Indian character (he is in crazy tv shows) who is also fond of Rimi. In Dubai Rimi lives with different identity and doing Arabi Video Song(?). Eventually eveything is messed up, every lover has played cheat on Rimi to get her so she is confused so much.

I dont know how to conclude the story (some story:) ) finally , as usual Rimi goes with Shahid, her true lover.

Please watch this movie only if you have nothing else to do, it is waste of time and money.The movie seems to be shot in much haste without giving any thought of continuity and logical sequence.