The Advocate by Larry AxelroodI have just finished The Advocate,(Cumberland Publishing House, USA) the first novel of the author, Larry Axelrood. It is Court Room Thriller. It takes place at Chicago, USA. I like to read court room thrillers and I have read all of John Grisham and like the later the former is also practicing advocate at Chicago and has tried his hand at writing the fiction work.

The story basically surround the murder of a famous, rich and elderly lawyer, Charles Tobias, and the suspect is as usual is his young and beautiful wife Lynne. She got acquitted by the main character of the novel , Darcy Cole, another famous criminal defense lawyer. Then a US attorney ,Owen Dempsey, who is running for the Governorship and to gain necessary publicity for his cause, frame Lynne Tobias for insurance fraud and conspiracy. The US attorney throw some tantrum to Darcy also in order to get him off from the case. Somehow he himself get trapped in some sexual offence and becomes client of Darcy.

Meanwhile the story takes some strage turn, Anthony Benvenuti Jr., one of the client of Darcy give the contract to kill him beliving the lawyer for the life sentence.

Eventually everythings turns out in order. Darcy goes through all the government witnesses by smartly, the junior fails in his mission and goes to the grave. Then Lynne Tobias , being oversmart, testify herself against the wish of Darcy and cracks up in the cross and jury find her guilty for the insurance fraud.

The storyline is strange and there are many improperly and unnecessaryly woven threads and characters. I do not see any reason for the presence of Benvenuties. Dempsey, was may be properly portrayed as the villainous power hungry US attorney until he suddenly turn up as mere lamb and vanishes from the story line to give the space to Anna Minkoff. Another unneccsary character , whom you will know as the daughter of Darcy in last two pages of the novel.

Overall readable once, if you have read John Grisham at his best, then probably you wouldnt find anything new in this noverl.

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