Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment by James Patterson.jpgI picked up Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment (Headline Book Publishing, London, Non-fiction) after reading the description. This was my first book of James Patterson, I had never read him before. Afterward I learnt that the book is targeted to the teen age readers. However, I did not find the story line much grasping. It is about five kids who have wings and some supernatural abilities. They were brought up in some secret lab and many experiments were made on them in order to create some kind of ‘superman’. Somehow these five kids are able to escape from the ‘school’ and living in some remote mountain hiding from the scientiest. Somehow baddies are able to get hold the youngest kid, Angel, for her supernatural ability to read the mind of people (this is some amazing thing I always want, and who doesn’t:) Rest of the gang led by Maximum Ride ,aka Max , rescue the Angel. During the rescue mission they also learnt that they were normal and born by normal human beings and they try to find their parents, but somehow they drop the idea and eventually they live happily.
Storyline is very simple and ,in my opinion, is without much excitement, which a science fiction ought to have. I wonder the story would not excite today’s teen age readers who have been watching movies with dazzaling computer graphics.

There is nothing to regret if you have not read it, dont bother with it.